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Clients reflect on their Rolfing® sessions with Rihab Yaqub


Rihab is a talented Rolfer. After only several sessions with her, I was able to see and feel significant improvement in my posture and gait. I have recommended her to all of my friends!

~ BC, Tempe, AZ



Rihab combines the ability to listen to what I am experiencing in my body with observation of what is happening beneath her hands and before her eyes.  She moves slowly and with patience allowing my body to transform in a deep way without discomfort.  I appreciate her encouragement of my involvement in a session.  A session with Rihab feels comfortable, enjoyable and supportive of change and my body’s unique needs.

~ Jessica Kramer, SEP


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My Rolfing sessions with Rihab Yaqub had both expected and  unexpected positive results. The deep muscular manipulation left me feeling stronger, more flexible and open. The proof was obvious during practice with my senior women's softball team. My stretching,throwing and hitting improved dramatically. At the age of 57 I feel better than I have in decades thanks to Rihab and Rolfing.                 

~ Sally Marks, co-author of Erase Negativity



In my early adulthood, I was interested in various body therapies and knew of Rolfing.  By middle age, I'd found that my body was unbalanced, so much so that I experienced pain on a daily basis, especially in my lower back. At times, it hurt so profoundly that I couldn't even sit down.  During the Rolfing sessions, my body gradually moved back into alignment, my shoulders straightened and I could freely extend my arms. I remember one session in particular, when Rihab was working on my lower back.  Although she was barely touching me, I felt my hip gravitate to a new position.  When I got up off the table, I stood in a new way.  The next morning, I got right up out of bed with no pain at all, was able to bend and move immediately, something I hadn't done in years.

~ JK, Tempe, AZ



Many years ago my first Rolfing was from Joseph Heller. It changed the way I stood and walked. This spring I signed up with Rihab for Rolfing again, this time with some movement sessions as well. I had been hit by a truck as a pedestrian and also had a painful soft tissue foot injury. Even after earlier physical therapy, I was better, but not right. No one had put it all together or had the skill to correct what was still wrong until Rihab. She had both the knowledge and the skill to cause healing, not just in the obvious, but what wasn't. Now I can walk again. I can not only walk better, my pain has left, I breathe better and I sleep better. I learned so much. Rihab is a very professional talented and skillful practitioner. I highly recommend her.

~ Robert, Boulder, CO


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Having only worked with Rihab two months, she has made significant improvement in my posture and pain level. Years of PT after a Failed Back Fusion in 1986 have had minimal pain relief. Rihab has been able to shift my sacrum from a torqued position due to the surgery… to it's natural placement…. In that one session, my pain level decreased tremendously and my stance became aligned.

Due to the chronic pain I was in, I had created great tension in my jaw causing TMJ. Her work inside the mouth gave me a great deal of relief in the jaw, neck and traps that had spasmed because of the TMJ.

There is no physician to address muscle issues… she's been a miracle for me.

After the first session, I was able to discontinue pain medication. The second session, she was able to get my legs firmly under me so that my stance was improved… after the session is over, the changes keep evolving over the next several days towards more and more ease.

She is highly skilled, has a caring spirit that makes it a joy to have her work on me. I can't thank her enough for the relief and freedom of movement she's allowed in my body. I am forever grateful.

~ Linda Restaino, May 27, 2012