Changing the World through Movement

"Strength is the ability to live life the way you want to live it; to be able to move, work, think, play, love and laugh throughout your entire life, regardless of your age." - Tim Anderson from his book Habitual Strength


Original Strength/ strong as a mountain
Tom Thumb Original Strength to become strong like a mountain

OS founder Tim Anderson demonstrating "roll flossing".  This feels so good!

Here's a drill that not only builds strong shoulders and abdominals, but it also builds a strong nervous system. Don't just watch it, try it!

What is Original Strength® and Why do it?

Your body is designed to be strong and move freely throughout your life.  What if you could regain and retain that strength and flexibility by doing simple, enjoyable movements even starting with just 10 minutes a day?  What if the truth is that your body can feel better at any age? 

You are probably reading this because you are looking for something.  Possibly you would like something to change or you would like to learn something about your body.  Original Strength® is one of the most valuable resources I have found for increased health and vitality.

The Original Strength® (OS) system is based on motor programs which the human infant uses to develop strength, posture and coordination.   These motor programs are still inside of us and we can reactivate them at any time to regain our reflexive strength, mobility, and stability.  Reflexive means it is there when we need it – we don’t have to think about it or do anything to make it happen.   

Original Strength® allows us to “Press Reset”. It helps us regain what we used to have if, as infants, we had the opportunity to crawl and roll on the ground and develop ourselves through movement – it is especially helpful for those who didn’t have the opportunity to creep and crawl as babies. There are 5 basic reset movements and an infinite number of variations so it is always new and interesting and tailored to the individual. 

Through the OS lens, all movement is good. What we are doing is taking our movement from good to better maybe even to best -  if such a thing exists.  To do that we have to start where we are and give our systems the appropriate amount of input.  Not too much or too little.


OS Instructor Fabio Zonin shows off some fine moves!  Working at the elite level.

All Kinds of People are Using OS:

  • Athletes and gym goers as warm up, cool down and performance enhancer
  • Seniors who want to regain and increase strength and balance
  • Physical therapists and their clients
  • People looking for a movement system that nourishes the nervous system
  • People who practice yoga, dance, play golf, hike, play with their children or grandchildren…
  • Those who want an antidote to their desk jobs
  • People with movement challenges
  • Anyone looking for a way to stay fit which does not require going anywhere or buying anything.  All that is needed is a space to get down on the ground and maybe a place to walk.

Diaphragmatic breath, the foundation to strength.

What does A session look like?

First we will discuss your goals.  Then I will take you through the OS Screen and Assessment: a series of movements which will identify which variations of the movements would be an appropriate entry point for you into the OS system.  The next step is to learn and practice a number of reset variations.  As we go we will compare how some of the original movements feel compared to how they felt at the beginning of the session.  Finally, we will devise a routine for you to use at home.  

Let's talk if you are interested in learning more or getting started! 

(480) 735-8875

OS founder Tim Anderson shows how to use breathing and rocking to improve your squat


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Scottsdale, AZ  85253   See Map
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Watch Baby Liv learn to move.  These are OS resets.  Big thanks to Feldenkrais® and Somatic Experiencing® practitioner Irene Lyon for this wonderful video.

My OS Story

I have studied movement in many ways – in the past as an instructor of the martial art Aikido, and today as a Rolfer™ and movement therapist.  Original Strength® is one of the most valuable resources I have found for health and vitality.  

In 2014, in a class with Diane Jacobs, developer of the DermoNeuroModulation system of working with chronic pain, I really paid attention when she said that the best exercise to do is rolling around on the ground.  Shortly after that, I heard Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert talk about their Original Strength® movement system and the benefits of rolling, rocking and crawling.  I started crawling around the house but the only result was sore knees!  Then I bought one of their early books and learned to do the 5 resets.  The very first time I did them I felt an immediate result – my back no longer felt stiffer in the morning than later in the day.  I was hooked.  I continued to do the basic resets and played with Tim’s YouTube “movement snax” every day simply because I enjoyed it so much.  Fast forward two and a half years - the Pressing Reset workshop came to Arizona.  There was so much more to learn that was not in the book!  The emphasis on diaphragmatic breathing was very impactful and gave me a sense of much greater nervous system regulation.  Now I am a certified OS Practitioner and I teach the OS movements to as many people as I can. 



A deep bow to Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert for being the conduits through which this information has come to us.  Thanks also to Dani Almeyda, co-owner of the Original Strength Institute, and to all the staff.  To find a coach or a training in your area, please visit their website here ➤

Toby relaxing with some diaphragmatic breathing

Toby relaxing with some diaphragmatic breathing