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Changing the World through Movement

"Strength is the ability to live life the way you want to live it; to be able to move, work, think, play, love and laugh throughout your entire life, regardless of your age." - Tim Anderson from his book Habitual Strength



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My #1 Recommendation to keep your body moving  

The simplest and most effective way to regain strength, mobility, and stability at any age.  Breathe with your diaphragm, move your eyes and head, roll on the ground, rock your body, and crawl These are movements even a baby could do.  In fact you did do some or all of them as a baby.  Don't mistake the simplicity of the system for the complexity of the benefits!  As you get stronger you will feel more flexible and resilient.

You can learn the basics from Tim Anderson and Geoff Newport's book Pressing Reset ➤   at a daylong workshop ➤  or in private OS sessions with Rihab➤    Then play with variations from the OS videos  ➤


Original Strength founder Tim Anderson shows how to open your hip flexors.


Here is a movement sequence for healthy Shoulders and Hips



Heal Your Posture


Mary Bond was a direct student of Ida Rolf, PhD.  She writes, teaches workshops around the country and is Emeritus Rolf Movement® Faculty at the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration.   Her books, her videos and her online workshops are a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to fully experience living in their body.  Check out the instructional blogposts on her website here ➤


This is  the trailer to her online workshop Know Your Feet:


And some of her videos:



Rewire your brain and visual system to heal your eyes and free your body

I cannot say enough about this resource!  David Webber was legally blind.  He healed his vision using Eastern meditation techniques, the Bates method and  Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons.  His workshop, which he has taught around the world, is available as a CD or audio download.  I have been using these lessons for several years. I was amazed how much better I felt in my whole body once my eyes and hands relaxed and began to move freely.  (hand-eye coordination!)  You can order his workshop here ➤

Feldenkrais Seeing Clearly workshop - David Webber
Rolfing Resources image sunrise Scottsdale AZ
Rolfing Resources image sunrise Scottsdale AZ

Falk Fedderson has another wonderful Feldenkrais Method resource to use at home.  A number of practitioners have uploaded their classes to the website he created which you can listen to at ➤

For in-person classes and sessions here are some local Feldenkrais practitioners I recommend in the Phoenix area:

Jacqueline Bayne ➤

Elizabeth Keith ➤

Rolfing Resources sunrise Scottsdale AZ