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Shoes that are good for your feet

Shoe Guidelines:

Here are some things to look for in a shoe that allows your feet to function as they were designed to do.

  • A toe box that allows your toes to comfortably spread - most shoes have a toe box that is narrower than the rest of the shoe.
  • A sole that is not too stiff.  You should be able to easily flex and bend the shoe as a whole.
  • A truly neutral heel.  
  • Low toe spring - most athletic shoes have an upward slant towards the toes.
  • A back -  wearing slip-on shoes or thongs causes your feet to have to grip all day long.


Rolfer™ Karin Wagner in Portland Oregon has put together a very good 2 page article on healthy shoe choices.  You can read it here ➤



Lems Shoes

My all time favorite.  A very popular shoe.  These are minimal/barefoot.  If you are not used to minimal shoes, you may need a period of time to get used to them as your legs will work very differently then they will in shoes with heels, arch support and a toe spring.  Your feet will appreciate them especially if you have wide feet!  You can visit their website here ➤ Lems


Lem's shoes - recommended
Lem's shoes - recommended
Cardinal Lem's shoes - recommended


Xero Sandals

For those who really want to feel the ground as they are walking, Xero sandals are the ultimate.  There are several styles and even a do-it-yourself model with the possibility for infinite customization.   I started out with the Z-Trek which has slightly thicker soles than some of  the other models.  I appreciate that when walking on pavement.  I wore them all summer and the more I wore them the more I enjoyed them.   Two years ago a new style was added - the Z-Trail which has a 3 layer sole.  Increased protection with excellent flexibility and connection to the ground.  Even better!   Check them out here ➤ Xero Shoes


Xero sandals - recommended
xero sandal - recommended
xero sandal - recommended
Z-Trail Xero sandal - recommended
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