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I’ve benefitted tremendously from this work and I’d like others to benefit as well.  Years ago I took it for granted that as I aged it would be harder to move.  I had a “bad” back and I worried that one day it would be difficult to do normal things like putting my pants on in the morning.  Today I feel better in many ways than I did in my 20’s or 30‘s.  I no longer worry about losing my mobility in the years ahead plus I get to share the things that have helped me with other people.

My basic and advanced trainings were at the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration.  I have also completed trainings in Movement Therapy (Rolf Movement® Practitioner) and Trauma Resolution (Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner), and I am certified as an Original Strength® Practitioner.  I regularly continue my education with Rolfing workshops as well as workshops in a variety of related ways of working with the body.  

Weaver's Needle, Superstition Wilderness

Weaver's Needle, Superstition Wilderness

While studying with teachers informed by cutting edge information on what our bodies do when they are stressed, I have learned that it is truly possible to feel better at any age.  When function is restored our bodies can feel good!  Feeling good is good for us, and my philosophy is that any hands-on therapy or movement practice should feel wonderful, useful, interesting, or “right” in some way to be truly helpful. 

Before becoming a Rolfer™, I was a student and instructor of the martial art Aikido and spent 11 years as a Zen Buddhist nun.  My current interest is in the process of inquiry into the moment by moment unfolding of experience.  I delight in serving as a companion for my clients in the unfolding of their healing processes.  

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