Flying birds for Rolf Movement® Integration
Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

Did you know this?  When you are standing, if you raise your arm, the first thing to move is a muscle in your lower leg?  Below the level of conscious awareness your "movement brain" is continually orchestrating a complex coordination of muscular tone which allows you to keep your balance as you change position.  Good posture and fluid movement are so complex.  There is no way that you can consciously will them into being.  

Your work, your environment, your emotions, and all the events and stresses of daily life may have interrupted that effortless flow of coordination.  In this way inefficient patterns of body use are formed.  Is that tightness in your neck a response to the hours you spend intently focusing on your computer monitor?  Are your shoulders helping you stand up because the the coordination of your lower body is off?  Do you find yourself addressing the same issues over and over because you are still doing things in the same way that got you into trouble in the first place?

Rolf Movement Integration can help you discover ways to use your body more efficiently and with greater ease.  The practitioner uses gentle touch and verbal cues to evoke core stability through correct use of the deep intrinsic muscles.  You will be taught some very simple practices tailor-made to your situation which can restore a sense of balanced flow to your body. 

Movement sessions can be done at any time.  During a Structural Integration series, they can anchor and amplify the changes you have experienced.  They give you ways to keep hitting that “refresh” button long after the series is complete.  As stand alone sessions (which do not require any previous Rolfing® experience) they can be used to address a specific activity or overall function.  Additionally, every Rolfing session can be informed by Rolf Movement Integration

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     The great sea
     Has sent me adrift.
     It moves me as a weed in a great river. 
     Earth and the great weather move me,
     Have carried me away,
     And move my inward parts with joy.

Song by Uvavnuk, Inuit woman shaman

Rolf Movement® Integration session
Rolf Movement® Integration session


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